Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an absolute necessity in any home or office. While there’s a good chance that the extinguisher will sit on the wall for years, collecting dust, it could end up saving your property and even your life.


Fire Alaram System

The Horizon series of conventional control panels has been developed to provide a simple and reliable solution to the demands of today’s fire detection solutions. The Horizon range has been designed with both installer and end users requirements in mind.

Fire Pumps

  • NAFFCO offers a wide range of fire pumps suitable for various fire fighting applications.
  • NAFFCO fire pumps are calibrated to specific dient requirments to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • All fire pumps are heavy duty and designed to guarantee reliability for many years.

Fire Hydrants & Valves

  • NAFFCO hydrants are designed to meet AWWA standard.
  • All hydrants are epoxy coated from the inside. The outside underground part is coated with bitumen paint for durability.
  • NAFFCO valves are manufactured to comply with BS5041-1 standards.
    Different types of valves are available in both threaded and flanged versions.

Fire Suppression Systems

A fully-inegrated state of the art detection systems
Proven fire suppression technology for both Co2 & HFC227ea systems
Design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and service all from one company


Fire Rated Doors

  • NAFFCO Fire Rated Doors (steel/wood)incorporate the very latest technological
    advances in terms of both construction and materials.
  • An extensive range of styles and finishes ensures client requirements can be met with complete confidence.

Fire Hoses & Accessories

  • NAFFCO Hoses & Accessories are manufactured according to Bs6391 standards.
  • Hoses are designed for a range of multipurpose applications.
  • All hoses are maintenance-free (do not need drying).

Fire Hose Reels & Cobinets

  • Electrostatic powder coated steel sheet &stainless steel brush/mirror finish ensure a robust construction.
  • The NAFFCO Engineering Department is capable of designing custom built cabinets.
    Hose reel cabinets and breeching inlet cabinets are manufactured to comply with BS 671-1 and BS5041-5 standards.
  • NAFFCO hose reels and cabinets can be found in some of the most prestigious properties across the Middle East and throughout the world.

Fire Hose Reels & Cobinets

  • NAFFCO Foam concentrates, Bladder Tanks and Ratio Controllers are UL listed.
  • The range includes Foam Bladder Tank Systems, High Expansion Foam Generators, Water Foam Monitors and Foam Proportioners, etc.
  • Fixed Foam equipment is used to protect Oil & Gas Installations, industrial warehouse, etc.

Fire Sprinkler & Accessories

  • Sprinkler, Recessed, Pendent, Concealed Type
  • Zone Control Assembly
  • Wet Alarm Assembly Fire
  • OS & Gate valves

Type of Fire Extinguishers

Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers

  • Multi-purpose application.
  • Corrosion resistant finish.
  • Protective plastic base.
  • Squeeze grip operation
  • Kite marked to BS EN3.
  • Complete with bracket.

Which are filled with powder and pressurized with nitrogen. The range of the jet is 4-7M. – Discharges time 6-21 seconds- both variables according to type. Some incorporate a controlled discharge facility and a check control device, for maintenance verification.

BC – This is the standard type of dry powder fire extinguisher, which is filled with sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate. In use they leave a mildly corrosive sediment which must be cleaned off immediately to prevent damage to materials.

ABC – This is the multipurpose powder fire extinguisher, which is filled with monoammonium phosphate, a yellow powder which again leaves a sticky residue that could cause damage to electrical equipment. E.g. computers.

Water Type Fire Extinguishers

  • Squeeze grip operation.
  • Internal polyethylene lining.
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3.
  • Corrosion resistant finish.
  • Protective plastic base.
  • Complete with bracket.

Cools burning material

APW (Air pressurized water) cools burning material by absorbing heat from burning material. Effective on Class A fires, it has the advantage of being inexpensive, harmless, and relatively easy to clean up. In the United States, APW units contain 2.5 gallons (9 litres) of water in a tall, stainless steel cylinder. In Europe, they are typically mild steel lined with polyethylene, painted red, containing 6-9 litres (1.75-2.5 gallons) of water.

Water Mist uses a fine misting nozzle to break up a stream of deionized water to the point of not conducting electricity back to the operator. Class A and C rated. It is used widely in hospitals for the reason that, unlike other clean-agent suppressants, it is harmless and non-contaminant. These extinguishers come in 1.75 and 2.5 gallon units, painted white in the United States and red in Europe.

AFFF/Foam Fire Extinguishers

  • Spray nozzle.
  • Corrosion resistant finish.
  • Protective plastic base.*
  • Squeeze grip operation.
  • Internal polyethylene lining.
  • Complete with bracket.

AFFF (aqueous film forming foam), used on A and B fires and for vapor suppression The most common type in portable foam extinguishers. It contains fluoro tensides [12] which can be accumulated in human body. The long-term effects of this on the human body and environment are unclear at this time.

CO2 Fire Extinguishers

  • Squeeze grip operation.
  • Harmless to machinery.
  • Complete with bracket.
  • Corrosion resistant finish.
  • Kite marked to BS EN3.

CO2 fire extinguishers are suitable for fires involving flammable liquids known as Class B fires (oils, fats, solvents and petrol), the CO2 starves the burning fuel of oxygen and is harmless to sensitive equipment.

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